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San Francisco Disc Herniation Center comments: Back Pain, Nutrition, Stress, and Exercise. How are they connected ?

Posted Jun 02 2009 4:35pm

We take a different approach to treating chronic back pain at our San Francisco Disk Herniation treatment center. We believe that we are they end result of what we eat, what we think, how we sit at a computer, how we lift, how much we exercise, how we sleep, how we relax, the shoes we wear, the pillow we use, etc. We refer to these things as our CONTEXT (internal and external environment).  We call this " Contextual Healing". Every time you do something a decision is made (by YOU) as to how it is done. In fact, you have a knob that is adjustable (by YOU) for just about every aspect of your CONTEXT. When you adjust these knobs, you either adjust them in the direction of health or the direction of illness. The thing is, we do not come with an owners manual when we are born. So, we do not necessarily know which way to adjust the knobs. Sure, most of us know that we should eat more fruits and vegetables, and that stress is bad, or sitting at a computer for 6 hours without a break can't possibly be good for us. But, when it comes to things like back pain from disc degeneration and disc herniations, we just don't connect the dots from these Contextual Parameters to our  spinal conditions. This is where WE come in. We know that they are all connected. We also know that when we begin to adjust the knobs in the right direction we adjust ourselves in the direction of health and well being. We are here to teach you the best way to adjust the knobs. We are here to provide you with the owners manual you never had. And yes, we understand that there are accident's and physical traumas that have contributed to your spinal conditions. But we also understand the body is best able to deal with anything when the knobs are adjusted in the right way. This is why we incorporate a Plant Based Diet, Yoga, Meditation, and Exercise into our Spinal Decompression (Regeneration) program. The DRX 9000 will do it's part. Will you do yours ?   

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