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San Francisco Chronic Back Pain Center comments: Treatment for Herniated Discs must include CORE Strengthening Exercises to prev

Posted Jun 02 2009 4:35pm

We are in the business of fixing badly degenerated spines and herniated discs at our San Francisco Chronic Back Pain Center. When it comes to spinal regeneration and rehabilitation, it must include CORE strengthening exercises for the spine and trunk. All of your power originates from your CORE. Most degenerative spinal conditions ended up where they are (at least partially) because of lack of CORE conditioning. But, just to go in and treat the CORE without first reducing inflammation and making the spine healthier can make some conditions worse. It is a fine line. In addition, to just treat what most experts consider to be the CORE (abdominal, pelvis, hips, low back) without considering the SPINAL CORE (the 180 deep spinal muscles from skull to tail bone) is sub-standard treatment in my opinion. We must treat both.  When you reach the point  where you are ready to perform CORE exercises we will typically make you an appointment with one of our Physical Trainers and show you a floor routine based on your level of conditioning.  There are various levels of intensity. We have special exercises for elderly patients also. But when it comes to exercising the SPINAL CORE, this is a whole different animal. These muscles are very hard to access. They are involved in posture and coordination. You really can't exercise them on your own at home. This is why I purchased a machine called the SPINEFORCE. It was designed by LPG of France to assess and treat the SPINAL CORE muscles. It actually scores you at the end so we can track your progress objectively and move you safely through the various levels of intensity. Yes, you have to do this at our office vs. at home. So, there is a cost involved. But, it is worth it because it teaches the muscles to work with the spine in it's newer, healthier state and increases the odds of a more favorable outcome with our spinal regeneration program.   

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