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San Francisco Chiropractor incorporates Active Release Tecniques (ART)

Posted Jun 02 2009 4:32pm

San Francisco Chiropractor Comments:

SS20090[1] Chiropractors treat vertebral subluxations. One of the primary components of a subluxation  is myopathology, or abnormal muscle function of the muscles that attach to the subluxated vertebrae.

The muscles can be hypertonic (too tense) or hypotonic (too flaccid), and there can be scar tissue formation from previous micro-traumas and injuries (sports, auto, work, etc).

At Executive Express Chiropractic  in downtown San Francisco, we incorporate Active Release Techniques (ART) into our chiropractic treatment protocols ( meet Dr. Adam Jacobs ). ART is an advanced soft tissue/movement based massage system that is very effective with the myopathology associated with vertebral subluxations.

At my previous Financial District clinic, Front Street Chiropractic (right across the street) we always included a warm-up massage to address myopathology. But when I decided to launch Executive Express, I knew I wanted to incorporate Active Release Techniques from first hand experience. In my opinion...ART can do more in 5-10 minutes (because it is targeted) than regular massage can do in an hour.

Sure, we still do some of the old fashioned massage and stretch...but we finish it off with ART right before the spinal adjustment...because it just makes sense.

For a complimentary 10 minute ART session at our San Francisco Chiropractic clinic at the SF Embarcadero Executive Express Chiropractic at 415-392-2225.


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