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Regarding Cervical spine and neck stiffness diagnosis

Posted by ppooii

I have neck stifness and tightness on both sides of head  and also i cant walk steadily,feels like weakness followed by nausea ,diziness.Took blood test ,MRI of brain and echo test of heart .everything came normal.Then i took cervical spine CT scan since problem conected to neck.It also came normal.Doctor just told it is anxiety disorder.My question iam not quite satisfied with doctors statement of anxiety disorder since my only anxiety coz of stiff neck and i have a question since my ct scan of cervical spine is normal can i consider there will no be any problem in neck or should i go for mri or radiography of spine or with ur suggestion thanks .I have little pain in neck but not for long time .And there were sounds when i turn my necks.
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i know how you feel,as i have had the very same things.

-the #1 lesson i learned is just because the drs have not seen something does mean that is isn't there. personally i have been under stress/anxiety.[everyone is and has been] but i have never had anyone tell me thats what is causing my pain.

i do not know the field of your dr. and i am not a dr. i am a homemaker,but have you considered seeing a good neurologist/neurosurgeon? they were the ones that found the cause of mine. and when i read you said''sounds in your neck''thats what decided for me to reply. because after my surgeon corrected my problem the sounds stopped.

if i were you i would see a neurologist,he may very well know and set you up with whom ever he beleives can fix you. good luck and don't give up.

i am tiny dancer.

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