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recurring swollen salivary gland

Posted by hamburgs

About a month ago my right jaw area had swollen to an emance size after eating salty popcorn the night before. It had a burning sensation and seemed to get bigger  every time the popcorn even touched my tongue.  The next few days were a nightmare. Swelling that got so bad that you could barely see my ear. I am almost 110% convinced it is my paritoid gland because the swelling starts about mid ear, jaw area and spreads down my jaw, around the ear lobe, and sometimes into my neck. I believe I had a slight fever with it when it got really bad. I iced it and aplyed heat alternatly, 20 min on and took aspirin every 4 hours. I also took Grapefruit seed extract and olive leaf wich seemd to take the swelling down within a couple days. It finally went away to the point that i could eat and drink anything. I stopped taking the herbs as often as I was. Just the other day about almost a month later, food started to bother it again. It started to swell but I iced it and took the herbs again and it seems to be going down. I do have popping with my jaw and roaring, stuffiness in my ears. any information would help.
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