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Preventing and improving osteoporosis

Posted Feb 14 2011 8:57am

While osteoporosis is thought of as an old persons, usually women, disease it can affect any age. Actually, it starts very early in life, usually in a persons teens when dieting and poor food choices are common. If you don’t have the right kind of nutrition early, you don’t make the proper amount of dense bone to get you through later life.

Identifying if osteoporosis is a problem is the first step in preventing and improving the condition. A Bone Density test and tell you where you are. If you are diagnosed with either osteoporosis or osteopenia then steps can be taken to change the situation.

To prevent osteoporosis, weight bearing exercise is important. This can be accomplished with exercise bands, free weights and a variety of resistance machines.

Next factor in preventing and improving osteoporosis is proper nutrition…the daily recommendation of Vit D and Calcium. Avoiding excessive alcohol and smoking is very important as well.

Chiropractors help a lot of people with osteoporosis. Visit our website at for more information about Grant Chiropractic Health Center, here in Southington, CT.

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