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Prevent Allergies via Natural Health Care

Posted Jan 29 2011 8:40am

There are numerous people who suffer from allergies. They are allergic to various things, including pollen, dust mites, or even food. These allergic reactions are triggered when the body’s immune system rather “overreacts” toward everyday things that typically pose no threat. Instead of ignoring these objects, the immune system targets these objects and generates an allergic reaction.

These reactions arise in the form of inflammation, rashes, runny nose, or watery eyes, among others. There are even critical reactions, like reduction of blood pressure, trouble in breathing, and loss of consciousness. These can have a negative impact and may necessitate hospitalization.

The simplest step to reduce such allergic reactions is to avoid the allergens that cause them. There are allergy testing kits that can identify the substances that contain allergens and cause allergic reactions. However, this is easier said than done. Some allergens are very common and are ubiquitous and avoiding them will take a herculean effort. In the cases where avoiding the allergens is not possible, then treatment will help. There are a number of medications for relieving allergic symptoms, such as antihistamine products. Aside from the commercially available treatments, there are natural approaches for the treatment of allergies. These approaches are simpler and are not as expensive as commercial medical treatment.

One such approach is utilizing honey. A study of people who are allergic to pollen demonstrated that these persons were not allergic to honey with pollen in it. It is indicated that honey acts as a type of desensitizer, making the body desensitized to pollen and resulting in pollen having no allergic influence on the body. This result supports the traditional view that honey can mitigate symptoms of hay fever.

Another plant-based method is the use of nettle extract. Nettle extract has been indicated to have components that desensitize the body to pollen allergies causing hay fever. There are also data indicating that the severity of allergic reactions to pollen is reduced whenever nettle extract is taken. Hypnotherapy is another method for preventing allergic symptoms. This method has been very effective in mitigating allergic reactions.

For pollen-allergic people, the simplest means is to avoid pollen. This may sound silly, but it can be attained. One such means is to apply a blocking agent to the inside of the nostrils. The blocking agent can capture most of the pollen that may otherwise travel inside the body and trigger an allergic reaction. Another technique is to use an air purifier and ionizer in the house. These machines can remove pollen and other fine particles suspended in the air.

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