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Posture: What is it? Is it hereditary?

Posted Oct 15 2008 7:10am

Aa0400151 I am often asked if bad posture is hereditary. After-all..often times you can look at 3 generations of family members at the same time and they have similar posture patterns.

Honestly...I don't know. Personally, I think posture is mostly acquired.

What I do know, is we tend to take on the habits...good and bad of our parents.

If posture is acquired, and is the end product of all physical and mental activities and adaptations to life events, up to a particular point in is what we call dynamic...constantly changing in response to what we do.

This is good, because it means we have control over it...which has been my experience.  This also means we can correct it. It's not easy...but it can be done. 

So what is posture?

Wp0071 Posture is the position your spinal bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons are in. Your posture is actually a window to the spine.

If you sit at a desk all day in front of a computer, your skull will slowly gravitate toward the computer screen. Look around the streets of downtown San Francisco. You will notice most office workers have a forward head's very common...and it can lead to disc degeneration, neck pain, and headaches. The good news's reversible.   

iWith the right kind of exercises, ergonomic instruction, sleeping habits, soft tissue work and chiropractic adjustments...we can correct poor posture.

I have never found much use for trying to find the answer to the question of whether posture is hereditary or not. I have focused all of my time and energy on learning how to correct it.

So...if you are concerned about your poor posture...and you should be...consider just makes sense.

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