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Posted May 13 2011 4:51pm

We've all heard of positive thinking, well now a new way to deal with chronic pain is with positive self-talk.

You should concentrate on what you can do and not what you can't do. Accentuate the positive and talk to yourself with your own mantras.

Being positive obviously makes sense, if you do look on the positive side of things then the negative things get more in proportion and hopefully a tiny portion. So, instead of thinking that your pain is with your 24/7 try to convince yourself it's mainly at night (when your resting).

Talk about staying positive about your everyday activities. Even when you talk to friends and family try to make out your back problem is something that 'hurts' rather than 'I'm in agony'. In other words minimise how it's affecting you.

Try to eliminate the negative by challenging your negative beliefs. Think of different situations where you can see yourself overcoming some negative beliefs step by step.

Try not let other people regard you as disabled as that will only make you feel different to everyone else.

Instead of getting really frustrated about your pain, make yourself use positive self-talk inside your head or to yourself out loud or in front of a mirror. Change your negative thoughts into positive ones, think of something that you 'can' do rather than 'cannot'.

Smile, it can not only make you feel better but you will look in less pain.

'Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you'll start having positive results'

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