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Plateau "nuggets" lakers returning empty-handed defensive eroded away defeat

Posted Feb 28 2013 2:59am
The star-studded lakers is considered to be the hot. Today, the schedule has been half, the lakers are faced with the danger of the playoffs. Cheap Nike Air Max 95 This time, the only can do is to win every game, but the lakers the big shots didn't seem to think so, like yesterday the Denver nuggets, recent state good them to make "affluenza", rotten home defense let opponents easily wreak havoc own basket, and ultimately to a 108-119 defeat, the situation continue to dangerous. The road "back to back" the second game, the lakers' offense is not affected, the full 78 for 43, shot 55.1%; 3 for 19 in August, the percentage is 42.1%. Have such a high percentage, the lakers should have more hope to win, but the actual game is most of the time they are falling behind, the most long behind and points, reason is that defense difference at home. "Too many turnovers, a mistake, the nuggets will play counterattack, but our players basic is stood there, looking at each other easy dunks." the lakers legend James walter west after the comments hit the nail on the head. The Denver nuggets such an attacking team, the lakers should be pay more attention to defense, but the actual situation is their defense was largely invisible. Denver shooting 55.7%, inside scoring 78 more than fifty the detonation the lakers this season, tied in the highest scoring single-game record. Fast-break points and more than 3, the Denver nuggets is more than the lakers' too much. It is depend on the paint and the fast break the two edge tool, the Denver nuggets defeat the lakers. Nike Air Max 95 360 Before the game, the NBA announced last week, the best player kobe Bryant and James were elected. Kobe Bryant deserve the honor, even in the yesterday to embarrassing defeat, his performance is the best. Although built three cap, first seven shots only 1, but kobe Bryant still maintained a stable offensive efficiency, he made 12 of the 23, 6 for 5, scored 29 points and nine assists and six rebounds. It is a pity that, Bryant is stable, but his teammates did not try to make a good showing. Nash is Bryant play the most normal one, the eight for 6 contribution 16 points, but only five assists. Steve Nash has 39 years old with more young, speed and power are in their control over the nuggets WeiTai · Lawson, become the team the most weak defense link, let opponents easily cut down 22 points. Howard is more disappointing, although the scored 15 points and 14 rebounds "two pairs of" data, but 14 penalty only 3 of low free throw percentage was a terrible sight. Nike Air Max 95 Mens And "warcraft" in the concentration is very low, most of the time are watched opponents in front of her score. Have continuous and field shooting less than fifty percent of CiShiPing also can't expect. The lakers have won before is, good condition, if in Denver yesterday to win, so they will return to fifty percent of losing. It's a pity that they still lost, the record of and - 30 negative, this can't help letting person feeling, it is a top team, but now even 50% have since it is difficult to do. And this is kobe Bryant in the 17 years of career, first encounter haven't to march the team had lost 30 field situation. From the reality of speaking, the lakers lost yesterday, there is also the objective situation, this is their "back to back" the second, and Denver is plateau environment, the influence of the players' fitness natural not small, the lakers players on the pitch movement speed obviously couldn't keep up with competitors, estimation and both also have very big concern. Just time and tide wait for no man, the lakers lost every game, and a certain distance and open the playoffs. In order to the playoffs, they make mistakes and lose the space is very small. Nike Air Max 95 Womens At present, the lakers backward western eighth rocket three games, according to the analysis, the lakers had to lose the game, then they can take control of your own destiny, but in their current state, can grasp their own destiny?
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