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Pinched Nerves In The Neck: How Do You Know & What Do You Do?

Posted Sep 22 2008 10:12am 5 Comments

Images1 Many times patients with compressed nerves in the neck will present with shoulder, arm, and hand pain...even weakness of grip. When this happens it's common for the patient to think the problem is in the arm or hand...especially if there is no neck pain.

Yes, you can have a compressed or " pinched nerve" in the neck and not have any neck pain. In fact...this is fairly common. You may even think you have carpal tunnel syndrome

At my San Francisco Chiropractic Clinic, we are always concerned with where the nerves originate that control or innervate an area of the body that is not functioning properly or is experiencing symptoms, such as pain, numbness, tingling, or weakness in the upper extremities.

The nerves that exit from in between the bones of the cervical spine, travel down through the shoulder, then down the arms and into the hands. Pressure on these nerve roots will interfere with the transmission of nerve energy to the target cells...resulting in malfunction and symptoms.

The solution is to remove the nerve pressure. Often times this is easier said than done. Depending on how long the problem has been there and what the actual source of the nerve pressure is, will dictate the treatment.

Chiropractic adjustments can be very effective if the problem is vertebral subluxation complex with spinal degeneration. Chiropractic can even help with bulging or herniated discs. Physical therapy and exercise can also be useful. Acupuncture and cold laser can help reduce inflammation of irritated nerve roots...and all of the above can work together.

But what if nothing helps?

Then we consider nonsurgical cervical decompression with the DRX9000c. The DRX9000c was designed and built to remove neurovascular compression associated with pinched nerves. As long as the pinched nerve is from a herniated disc, a bulging disc, facet syndrome, or degenerated disc...the DRX9000c can help.

The good news is...most pinched nerves are.

So first we try chiropractic and adjunctive care...and if that doesn't work we try the DRXC.

At least that's what we do at Executive Express Chiropractic. If cervical decompression fails, then we refer out for medical care. But in reality...most of the patients we treat with the DRX9000c have already tried medical care and most do not want surgery. Fortunately chiropractic or spinal decompression will help the majority of cervical pinched nerve cases. It's sure something to consider if you are suffering with neck, shoulder, arm, or hand pain from cervical nerve compression.

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I have a question.  I was told I have carpal and cubital tunnel.  Now, I'm being told I don't have this, I have some form of problem in my neck.  X-rays showed the curve of my neck is a little off, but my symptoms are only 4-5 months old, and I've been sitting at a computer 6-8 hrs daily for the past 1 1/2 years.  Could keying all day cause my neck problem, thus causing my hand problems?  I'm being told this problem is not work related, but I've never had any problems with neck or hands until recently and only since I started doing this job.
If one has already been told they have osteoporosis in the neck region (c-1 thru c-8) and they are experenceing numbness and loss of grip in one or both arms, "if left untreated what could they expect to be the results"?


Whiplash basically from car accident.  Irritated nerve in neck which cause severe pain at times in shoulder, elbow and numbness and tingling in fingers and sometimes lose grip in hand.  Physical therapy no help, my job requires repetitive motion constant 50 pounds or less but quota to meet. (warehouse picker).  any suggestions of treatment?



Joyner, chiropractic treatment works well for whiplash type accidents. There can be injury to the soft tissues of the neck as well. Chiropractic adjustments along with modalities such as ice/heat and estim work well. Your chiropractor will also give you neck exercises that you can do for rehab.

Your symptoms that you have described sound like it may be a disc issue because you are getting sensory changes and also weakness in the upper extremity. An MRI is going to be important to determine what disc level is affected. I feel that the Drx9000c would be a benefical treatment for you, as Dr. Eben Davis has mentioned in the above post. It is a safe and effective treatment for herniated and bulging discs in the neck. - NJ



I had "discectomy' 5 years ago. The cushion betwen C4/C5 had disintegrated and the nerve was compressed. The replacement 'cushion' was a resounding success! However, suddenly as of 3 weeks ago, I have an uncomfortable neck with symptoms very similar prior to the original operation! My left index finger tingles. My left shoulder feels as though there is tendonites. If I keep my neck stable whilst lying down and move my arm, my shoulder will attain a point at which it hurts! I have made an appointment to see the neurosurgen who operated on my neck. I am just wandering if there is maybe another route to persue?



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