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Pinched Nerve or Pulled Muscle?

Posted by xdestinydawnx

I worked out yesterday and I was fine, then hours later my right lower back started to tighten up and I was in a lot of pain.  I woke up this morning with the same pain and even laying down was painful.  Is this just a pulled muscle?  No need for the doctor right?

If I just need to stretch or something and take motrin and icy-hot, I will...just trying to not go to the doctor...I am hoping it's just a pulled muscle and not a pinched nerve.

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Its hard to say without an MRI- but if you had a pinched nerve- you may have pain that radiates into the buttocks, legs and feet. Also, do you have pain when you cough or sneeze? If you do there may be pressure on a nerve.

Other symptoms of a "pinched nerve"  may be sensory changes- like numbness and tingling or a burning sensations into the buttocks, legs and feet.

Finally, you may also have motor weakness in the the hip flexions, knee extensors, and toes.

You may want to get checked out by your primary care if this pain continues or gets worse. If it gets worse, you may even want to get an MRI, as that can tell you properly if there is a disc bulge or herniated disc.


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