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Pinched Nerve in the Neck in San Francisco?

Posted Jun 02 2009 4:32pm

San Francisco Chiropractor Comments:

Hcp59055[1] If you have been diagnosed with a Pinched Nerve in the probably have one or more of the following underlying conditions:

1. Cervical Disc Herniation

2. Cervical Disc Bulge

3. Cervical (Spinal) Stenosis

4. Vertebral Subluxation

5. Degenerative Disc Disease of the cervical spine

6. Spinal Arthritis (Bone spurs)

Maybe you have only seen your family doctor...or maybe you have seen an orthopedic doctor or a chiropractor. Maybe you have had an x-ray or an MRI...or maybe not.

You see a Pinched Nerve is kind of a catch-all phrase for neck pain from nerve pressure...which can result in radiating pain down the arm, numbness, tingling, weakness of grip...even headaches. The most common causes of pinched nerves in the neck are those listed above. 

The treatment for a pinched nerve in the neck will vary depending on who you talk to and what kind of doctor you see.

At Executive Express Chiropractic in downtown San Francisco, we treat Pinched Nerves with chiropractic, active release techniques (ART), exercise, and cervical nonsurgical spinal decompression...not necessarily all at the same time.

Most of the time we are successful...which is great, because neck surgery is not much fun (Note: NOT ALL PINCHED NERVES NEED SURGERY). Especially cervical fusion which is irreversible.

At least what we do leaves our patients whole. We don' t take anything out of the body, or put anything' s all natural. Either it works or it doesn' t. Hey...if it doesn' t work y ou can move on. Sure you may be out some time and money, but so are still intact.

Does chiropractic or cervical decompression ever hurt anyone? Sure...but it' s rare.

So...if you have a pinched nerve in the neck (or think you do) and you want to be better, especially if you live in San Francisco...give chiropractic a shot at Executive Express. If you don' t live or work near downtown SF, make sure to go to a chiropractor that does nonsurgical spinal decompression also...just in case you need it. 

You can find a spinal decompression doctor that uses the DRX9000c, which is the machine we use at

To find out if you are a candidate for care at Executive Express Chiropractic  at the Embarcadero Center in downtown San 415-392-2225 or request an appointment online.

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