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Pillow Recommendation for a Reverse Curve in the Neck

Posted Jan 30 2011 12:11pm
Dear Arc4life,

I bought one of your Linear neck pillows a couple of years ago. I thought it helped some, but now I am waking every morning with neck stiffness and a headache. The headache is usually gone 30 min. after I get up, without any medication. I don't have a good cervical curve in my neck. I have tried both the softer side and firmer side of the pillow.

I went on your site and read about several of your pillows, the linear TRACTION pillow, the water pillow, etc. I hate to keep spending money trying to find a pillow that will help. Do you have any suggestions?
- Petunia

Dear Petunia, if you do not have a proper curve in the neck (it could mean you have a straight neck or a reverse curve in your neck), I would recommend some kind of a traction product (such as the cervical traction posture pump or the pronex traction unit ) and also the Arc4life cervical traction neck pillow . The traction side of that pillow (V Side) will help you get the curve back in your neck at night.

I would highly recommend that you get adjusted by the chiropractor. They can also show you how to do traction properly at home. It is also a good idea to use a traction device in their office before buying one. Also neck stretches in the morning will be beneficial, as will using a hot pack on your neck and upper back area.

Also, keep in mind that doing traction and using a new pillow at night, can cause pain in the neck- including soreness and muscle spasms. This is normal- just like when you work out at the gym after a long time. Your neck muscles will not be used to using such a supportive pillow at night, so it is possible that you will have that. Having headaches is also normal after using a new pillow. Again, a chiropractor can also help you choose the right pillow for sleeping, and can also help you with headache pain relief.

Finally, if you are a petite person, I would recommend the small linear gravity pillow for you. If you prefer something a little firmer check out the petite core pillow . The traction pillow is a medium size pillow: 20" x 26". Due to the design of the pillow Arc4life cannot make it any smaller. You could also go with a softer pillow such as the cervical alignment pillow which has 5", 6" or 7" neck rolls.
Hope this helps.
-Nav at the Arc4life Blog

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