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Performance in work and nike air max bw mens learning this virtue is dedicated

Posted Dec 22 2012 2:18am
lose the trust of others. So, once he is in a predicament, they do not have people willing to come to the rescue.  cheap nike air max 2012 Lose the trust of the people who, once in distress, only to sit still.The integrity of the ancient stories abound, such as "public Shamu sale of pigs"tube Bao of friendship, the" paradigm trustworthy, "Shang Yang stumpage", "Ji Zha the gift sword", invites Zhuge Liang, Liu Bei Highlighting coming out and so on. It educates influence generation after generation, we learn from the ancients, integrity. And some bad faith leads to failure, death of historical allusions, such as "King You of Zhou play war lords", from this story, we must learn lessons; cultivate a good life from an early age, study habits, and do a honest and trustworthy person.

In contemporary China, the virtues of honesty and trustworthiness also been carried forward. Performance in work and nike air max bw mens learning, this virtue is dedicated, earnest, seeking truth from facts; manifested in relations with people, is to be honest and mutual trust; reflected in the attitude towards national and collective, is willing to sacrifice, discipline.We, as the well-being of pupils under the age of peace, today's society is more need to be honest and trustworthy, we should develop good habits of honesty and trustworthiness childhood to know: integrity, like a mirror, once it is broken, your personality will cause cracks.
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