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Pain on the side of my shoulder blade.

Posted by stephanielynn03

I have a severe pain by my shoulder blade that isCONSTANT. It doesn't go away. First I thought it was a bad knot, but eventually would go away. Now it is getting worse. I often can't breath.. or it just hurts badly to breath. I can't excersise like I used to, especially run. Moving just hurts. Taking deep breaths kills! It feels like i constantly have to crack it, but it doesn't crack. Ive tried massaging and putting muscle rub on it. Nothing helps. Sometimes its a shooting pain up to my neck when I breath. What could it be and what can I do?

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Worst case scenario, it's a tear in a muscle or ligament.  But it actually sounds more like a strained muscle and either a subluxation of the shoulder, ribs, and/or a mid back vertebrae.  Your best bet is to see a chiropractor who can diagnose your issue and if it's what I think it is, work on it and fix it.  You can also see your primary doc, who will most likely know what it is too; they may use x-ray to help diagnose it.

The reason it can hurt to breathe is because your ribs need to move up and down when you breathe in and out, and a good strain and misalignments in the region will prevent that and give you pain.  Until you fix them and take pressure off the nerves, it's hard for the muscle knots to release and relax.  It can also refer pain up the neck or even down into the arm.

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