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pain in trapezius muscle and way to cure

Posted by arnold

i have back pain near to the scapula region. the pain spreads to the neck and little bit to the hand. howto cure it. physician says it is the cause of my lifting some wanted weight and some doctors says it is the cause of muscle imbalance. what is the actual cause and treatment?
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Arnold, you probably strained the trapezius muscle while working out or lifting something heavy. The Trapezius muscle is huge. It covers your neck, shoulders and upper back area. It has 3 regions: upper fibers, middle fibers and lower fibers. Shaped like a trapezoid, this upper back and neck muscle is one of the largest in the body.

It is very common to have trigger points in the trapezius muscle. These trigger points are often tender points within the muscle that can cause a referred pain.

I would recommend stretching this muscle, using hot and cold therapy, e-stim, and also using a good support pillow. Even changing your posture while at the computer, sitting, liftting weights can make a huge difference.

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- NJ 


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