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Pain in left upper arm radiating down arm and body.

Posted by Minniepernicious

Yesterday an abrupt pain started in my left arm centralized in my upper arm. It's hurts most on the outside of my upper arm and in a few fingers. The pain in above moderate and below extreme. I'm 18 and a smoker. I know the risks but have been addicted for 5 years. I am semi worried this might be a heart attack or stroke. I'm fairly sure it's something else though considering how long I've been feeling it for. It hurts especially when I raise my arm up. The pain sort of radiates up and down my side but it's very dull. Could this be a piched nerve? Or could it be caused by anxiety? Possibly something wrong with a disk? Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks much,

Minnie Pernicious

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