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Original title: three types of poverty and severe physically disabled persons free

Posted Dec 02 2012 5:21am

artificial limbsRecently, the Beijing Disabled Persons Federation said in a news

release, the three 2010 nike air max for cheap   types of physically disabled persons will be the Municipality

difficult and severe thisr, free installation of artificial limbs, to comply with

the conditions of persons with disabilities to apply for the the domicile street

township CDPF.It is understood that the physically disabled persons, free installation

pros nike air max 2009 womens sale thetic belonging E.Land happiness peer-public projects, specifically by the Beijing

Disabled Persons' Welfare Foundation.The person in charge of the foundation, the

Physically Disabled of t cheap nike air max classic bw   he city's more than one residue families, twelve severe

physically disabled persons, as well as a monthly per capita income of urban families of

disabled people are not more than 1000 yuan, no more than 800 households with a monthly

per capita income of rural people with disabilities $ physically disabled persons and

low-income families, may submit an application to the residence where the streets

township CDPF, the consent of the county CDPF submitted to the approval of the Beijing

Disabled Persons' Welfare Foundation, the love business this year to 200 million in

donations, is expected to 200 physically disabled persons in the city will be free to

install artificial limbs. "According to reports, the funding of the project by the love

business E.Land Group annually directed donation with artificial limbs, mainly for the

Physically Disabled of poverty and improve the ability of their participation in the

labor integration into the community, has been more than 800 physically disabled persons

free of charge by the project fitted with an artificial leg.(Editor: An Xiaofeng)

Original title: two cold air within three days of the passage of China's Xinjiang

northeast stronger snowfallChina Central Meteorological Station of Weather Reuters

expected the next three days, by the impact of the cold air, the northern most areas

still windy cool weather, Xinjiang and northeast snowfall. Meanwhile, south, southern

rainy continued.Yesterday (30), affected by cold air in northern Xinjiang, Northwest

China, and other places in China significant snowfall Southern rainy clammy weather

continued. Since 5:00 yesterday 5:00, the northern Xinjiang snowfall 2-8 mm, 10 mm,

Nilka; southern Jiangxi, Fujian, south-central, northern Guangdong and eastern rainfall

of 20-50 mm, 60-90 mm in some areas of the eastern part of Guangdong, Guangdong Dragon

Sichuan 121 mm.Affect Xinjiang yesterday, the cold air will continue eastward shift,

another cold air intrusion Xinjiang. Central Meteorological Observatory predicted the

next three days, moderate-intensity cold air, in most areas of north China will have

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