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Only positive is Moerens ext players shine in the origin of Thunder well ext

Posted Oct 27 2012 2:58am
Only positive is Moerens ext players shine in the origin of Thunder well ext; replacement striker Derek Brown's performance is also very good, it is curious that, Bobcat not brown left after the end of the season.As for their strengths and weaknesses, I think the advantage we can skip directly directly talk about the weaknessescheap nike air max 180   of this part.Offensive ends, their lack of projection capabilities, the two balls, and they Point Percentage is the lowest, who is the League's third low rate of three points.Although Bobcat foul rate is not bad, but they really hit is still only a tragic 48.3%, 22% was lower than that of the other teams.In particular, flanking the player is incapable of pulling the opponents defense, which blocked the Bobcat offense.Steven Gerrard-Henderson and Brown are all good players but the season also went only 17 threes, and Augustine's three-point shot has been frequent Walker but the lack of star.

Will Marcus Camby after the first check for sent to Nick for Douglas, Jerome-Jordan, haleiersen and two-round draft picks, as well as cash is just like Lee that deal, the rockets traded a player not on team building programme for a number of chips, has beencheap nike air max 97 Nick the 2014 and 2015 second round draft picks of the right.Nick brings out some money to pay the salary of Douglas, two other players contracts for non-protection, have been laid off.Delfino under contract 2 year $ 6 million for non-guaranteed for the second year, after the end of the season the rockets might cut him or trade it.At the same time, Delfino signed its interests on the rockets in the third occasion his defensive shot, but last season he state of decline of the more serious, it is not clear how much the rockets can provide help, but his main value lies in his willingness to play ball, he did not caused any trouble to the salary space rockets.

This team has too many too many problems, why the nets had made a very good deal price, Howard had abruptly abandoned out of contract options?The premise of why they know that deals to Howard is still dismiss Van Gundy?Why they gave up last season to play a quarter of Anderson on the outbreak?Why they ultimately deal with the Lakers?Only certainty is that magic will go through a thorough reconstruction, they bring their world class centers of the team to the Lakers in exchange for scrap is a part of, they fired General Manager Otis Smith, t-Bob-the origins Heyningen took over, his main task was to destroy Smith times out bad contracts.Most amazing is that they fired Jeff Van Gundy, whatever way you look at Van Gundy is one of the best coach in the history of magic.They chose the Spurs Assistant Professor Vaughan led to reconstruction.
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