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one of the most common body materials of laser pointer

Posted Feb 21 2013 7:19am
Its definitely loads of fun being able to point out the exact star or planet that you are talking about most specifically during astronomy classes. Now the average Green Laser Pointer may be low powered but there are counterparts made just for the purpose of being visible even as far as a few decent miles high in the sky.
Despite all of the buzz surrounding high power pointers, the quickly growing market has also lead to a bit of over saturation and a lot of Cheap Laser Pointers have flooded the market. If you are looking to buy a green laser pointer, or any type for that matter, you should consider doing a bit of research into the model and retailer before deciding to place any order. The thing about laser pointers is that they are a lot like motor vehicles, you really do get what you paid for. A cheap unit less than $40 can not be expected to last a life time, in fact most of the cheapest laser pointer pens out there burn out in less than 2-3 weeks. This is usually your 5mW green laser from ebay or the less than $39 club, where there have been reports of broken products arriving or no package shipped at all. If you are looking for a high power pointer, expect to pay a bit more, and expect to enjoy your purchase for a lot longer.
However, if you want to buy Green Laser 532nm you can still find high quality goods within your price range on the web. But most likely you will be limited to the amount of color frequencies you can choose from as well as output power limitations. Lower cost will almost always mean lower power, but work with what you can. Green and red lasers can very easily be found cheaply, blue on the other hand may cost a pretty penny.
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