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often went to the nike air max bw cheap mountains firewood

Posted Oct 11 2012 8:31am
April Fool's Day today, saying that my writing is good, right? I can be a commentary on it? Lei Feng was seven years old, became an orphan. The capitalists of Uncle Six grandmother adopted him. His to help Uncle Six grandmother home, often went to the nike air max bw cheap mountains firewood However, local Chaishan wealthy family occupied, and not to the poor chop. Lei Feng have serpentine mountain one day to cut firewood, Alex landlords woman saw the landlords woman pointing to Lei Feng yells, and stole a machete, Lei Feng cried to regain firewood cutter, that the landlords woman actually raised his knife in Lei Feng's left hand back side and chopped Mito, dripping blood along the fingers in the mountain .

In August 1949, the People's Liberation Army passing Lei Feng's hometown. The Lei Feng saw the camp the team a live down Bianxiang the fellow Wenhanwennuan, also help the villagers fetching water, sweeping. Buy firewood to buy food at a price to nike air max 2012 cheap pay, do not take masses Yizhenyixian, sprouted from the bottom of my heart, the desire to join the army. Lei Feng to find the company commander of the troops, determined to soldier, told his company commander learned that his suffering life experience is still small, and so they grow up to soldiers, and gave him a pen and encourage him to learn grow up in order to defend and construction in China.
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