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Obesity, Chiropractic and Low back pain

Posted Jun 24 2009 2:05pm

In my chiropractic practice I see a lot of low back pain and frequently these patients are also overweight and some to the point of obesity. Obesity also causes other diseases as well. If you watch the news at all, there is a big debate going on about health care reform. In fact on Good Morning America, Michelle Obama was talking about life style and how the choices that we make directly contribute to the challenges we have. Both diabetes and obesity contribute to additional severe health issues. Obesity is the leading cause of high blood pressure and increases the risk of coronary heart disease in adults as well as children. Uncontrolled diabetes, over time, can lead to heart disease, kidney disease, neurologic disorders, and blindness.

Obesity obviously increases the weight that the low back, hip and knee joints have to carry around resulting in low back pain, hip and knee degeneration. But because it is a lifestyle choice it is treatable.

In my chiropractic office, besides treating low back pain we have started addressing the obesity problem by providing a fabulous weight loss program. In fact, the average weight loss for my clients in their first week is 7.8 pounds. One woman lost 10 pounds with out being hungry and she didn’t do any additional exercise. If you are interested in finding out about this program visit You can do it too.

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