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Obesity Can Reduce Your Life Expectancy

Posted Jun 02 2009 4:32pm

San Francisco Vegan Chiropractor Comments:

Images[1] I read an article in the USA Today yesterday entitled:

Obesity can carve 10 years off life

After reading the article, I was a little surprised it was buried back in the health section on page 7 of Section D. costs and reform is one of our nations most serious concerns...and one of President Obama' s most difficult challenges.

It' s all so crazy to me...when the answer probably sits on the plate in front of us every time we sit down to eat. Yes...4=2+2. (Poor Typical American Diet= Disease + Higher Health Care Costs). There is just never going to be a way to have your cake and eat it too. If you eat junk your appearance and your health will relect it.

The USA Today article is about a study of 800,000 people. It found that adults who are obese-about 40 or more pounds overweight-may be cutting serious time off of their life spans.

Get this...about 66% of adults in the USA are either overweight or wonder we are so sick as a Nation. According to studys...being obese has the same effect (taking life away) on your health as long as you continue to do it. Here' s what the article says:

"If you continue to smoke, it takes an average of 10 years off your life. Being obese has about the same effect."

Can you imagine if you do both?

How about taking some of this stimulus money and spending it on huge advertising campaigns to promote the health benefits of plant based nutrition and the connection between diet and disease?

But that will never happen...there is too much money behind the meat, dairy, and pharmaceutical we have to figure it out on our own using resources like

Dr. John McDougall has been fighting this battle for most of his life...and a battle it is.

It really is tough knowing the potential solution for most of our health problems is right there in front of us...every meal.  

Anyway, check the article out and read some of the McDougall newsletters on his website...they are eye opening. Give plant based nutrition a will like the way you look and feel...I guarantee it. 

Dr. Eben Davis can be reached at

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