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numbness,weakness,black stool,blurred/double vision,pain. can you help me ?

Posted by kurtis

i have been experiencing severe pain in my back for about a year and lately about 1 1/2 month a go my left  foot started to go numb on and off as im walking and the numbness would creep up my leg if i dindnt stop walking, and about 1 month ago i started to have severe weaknes in my hands mainly my left hand, more recently i still am experiencing the numbness and weakness along with blurred vision and boulble vision on occasion for about three week and a stool that is various fromnormal to very dark almost black to having a lot black in it,but also in which ever for i have notice blood in my fecal matter also is has been a little difficult to deficat for the past week. i have also been having a pain in my intestine (under my left rib cage for about 3 weeks as well. it feels as if it being stabed and puffing up at the same time.

at first i didnt make any connection to the former and the blurred vision,black stool or the intestinal pain but i seen a few doctors:

1. insisted it was all make believe and i was just depressed and manifesting the symptoms because my life isnt what i expected it to be at 27.

2nd. ..just said dont think about it it'll go away on its own. because im to young to have these problems.

3rd actually listend to me and gave me a blood test, that was about 2 weeks ago and i hadnt yet been experiencing the black stool (and that was one of the things he asked me.. so it scares me) but he did say it obviously wasnt depression (from som written test h gave me) and i shouldnt just ignore it because of age, that it could vary something simple to a pinched nerve from a herniated disc or to something serious.

the big problem is i have no health insurance and my boss refuses to let me use workers comp, (because he let the payments laps and has no insurance for me... i could write all day about how that frustrates me!!! seeing as i hurt my back on the job) im not sure what i should do next, i keep going to free clinics and they just give me perscriptions for percocet which helps for the pain in my back but that isnt the answer and i dont wanna take the junk medicine i want to have resolution .. .

sorry to write a short story of my problems

but can any one help? maybe give some possible diagnosis/test i can tell the free clinics i want to be tested for.


thanks a million


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