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Numbness on and off feelings of weakness, right arm I drop things why

Posted by Tad2

My MRI shows a thoracic bulge indenting the cord, I also have cervical spine degenerative signal loss of several discs, the thoracic bulge is prominent and large. I have sever pain every day like someone is punching me in the back between   my should blades, this is 24/7 I also have a crushing chest pain like being squeezed in a vice. Pains down my leg and arms.


I have pain and suffer weakness down my right arm, when it's bad I drop things, like food tongs, cup of coffee, dinner plate, my toes big toes have gone numb across the top and around the nail, I also have numbness on the side of my right foot. I get a weakness feeling most odd the feeling in my right leg and the other night I got pins and needles and a numbness in the very lower back going to my sadle. I have no problems passing urine or bowels.

 I have aches and pains all the time in my right arm with pins and needles the same in my right leg. I can have a good day where I can walk about more than others and days where my arms are fine, then bang it just goes, more so if I over do it. I have not been able to work and have been of sick, this I'd driving me bonkers. I want to know why I loose the grip in my arm and hand, so frustrating, and would like to know what sensory loss means and signal change means please

Can someone tell me in laymans terms. Thank you 

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