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Numbness in Fingers?

Posted by joshpark

I woke up about a week ago and my left sholder was hurting. Two days ago, the pain had moved into my left arm. Now my index, middle finger, and thumb are numb. When I breath it hurst and when I turn my head to the right the pain gets worse. I have had strained and pulled muscels before but most were gone in a few days. does anyone have any ideas about this?
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There are a few things that you could have going on. Have you had any type of treatment for these symptoms? The best thing to do is to have an x-ray or mri of your neck to see if there is a disc issue. A herniated disc or bulging disc can cause neck pain, neck stiffness, numbness and tingling, pain into the arms, hands and fingers. Also, you can have a change in sensation along certain dermatomes along with weakness in muscles.  You also could have just strained your neck muscles and it is going to take time to heal. I would start by going to my pcp or chiropractor and having a full examination to see what is going on.
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