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Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression vs. Back Surgery. Can I really compare these two options ? My Doctor wants to do Surgery right

Posted Jun 02 2009 4:35pm

II hear all sorts of things when I consult with patients at my San Francisco Disk Herniation Center. Patients are really scared that if they don't have surgery right away they could become crippled for life. One of the things I hear the most is " My doctor tells me I could become paralyzed if I were to slip and fall or get in an accident." Or, "You are a walking Time Bomb ready to blow."  I guess some people are susceptible to further injury with the badly degenerated unstable condition that their spine's are in. But, even for these folks I think it is possible to take the spine to a better place where it is stronger and better able to handle the stresses of modern day living. Up until recently surgery was the only choice for a lot of people. But now, incredible changes can be made even with the worst cases. Yes, there are limitations of matter, but just like a smoker that has been smoking for 50 years can become healthy again to a certain point if he/she stops, so can those with bad spines (with the right treatment). Look at it this way, you can always have surgery if you are not happy with the outcome. Chances are the decompression therapy will not hurt you. As far as I know it has never caused permanent damage to anyone. Yes, it can make you sore. Sometimes very sore in the beginning. But, we seem to be able to work through it and get favorable results with about 90% of our patients. If you are considering lumbar or cervical spine surgery, you should try spinal decompression first. I think you will be glad you did.   

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