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Newport Beach Chiropractor: Herniated Disc vs. Bulging Disc

Posted Aug 02 2010 12:03pm

In my chiropractic practice in Newport Beach, I see a lot of patients coming in with an MRI report that they have a bulging and or herniated disc. I’m always asked the question of which one is worse and what is the difference. Here is a pretty close to text book definition of both a herniation and a bulging disc.

Bulging Disc: in a case of a bulging disc, the disc extends to the outer space that it would normally occupy. A bulging disc may or may not put pressure on the nerves coming out of the spine, therefore it may or may not be a symptomatic case. You could have a bulging disc and not even know that you have one until you take an MRI.

Herniated Disc: in a case of a herniated disc, the outer layers of the cartilage of the disc have a crack, and the softer disc material will protrude out of the disc. They are also known as the ruptured or slipped discs as well.  Pain in the lower back or the legs as well as tingling and numbness in the feet are more common with a herniated disc.

Both bulging and herniated disc can cause symptoms and range from minor to severe. Chiropractic Care and spinal decompression therapy has helped many patients with such symptoms. In my practice I see about %80 of patients get relief from a combination of the two types of treatments.

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