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Newport Beach Chiropractor: Children with Neck & Back Pain

Posted Aug 02 2010 12:19pm

San Francisco Chiropractor talks about a New York Times article that explains repetitive stress injuries and forward head syndrome in children from digital media. This study involves over 30,000 teenagers and has shown that TV viewing, computer use and computer gaming (screen time) were consistently associated with back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and recurrent headaches.

This is and should be very alarming to not only health care professionals that specialize in children’s care, but most importantly to parents. Kids these days are spending 53 hours per week on average in front of digital media (TV, games, computers). America is replacing outside exercise and healthy fruits and veggies, with TV dinners and video games. It is unfortunate. A lot of neck pain, shoulder pain and headaches are posture related and with your kids involved in their video games and or watching  TV slouching, it is only the start of a poor posture that can lead to a list of internal organ problems down the road.

Involve your children in outdoor activity, good for their body and brain. Also if you notice that their posture is not optimal (if their head is forward, their shoulders are rounding forward, they slouch, etc) make sure to take them to a specialist who can help them with exercises and other therapies to correct their posture now! It is much more difficult to change habits and correct posture when as they get older.

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