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Newport Beach Chiropractor: Can Chiropractors ‘Correct’ Scoliosis?

Posted Aug 02 2010 11:30am

The answer is NO, if you’re going to just any chiropractor. ANY chiropractor can maintain and prevent your scoliosis from getting worse, increase motion into the areas of the spine that are fixated and not moving. Correcting or decreasing the angle of your scoliosis is another story. It takes a lot of rehabilitation, mirror image exercises, traction setups and home exercises. Only Chiropractors who specialize in Chiropractic Biophysics can help decrease the severity of your scoliosis, and provide you with a rehabilitation program to help your scoliosis. Your spine is the lifeline to your health. Your nervous system runs through your spine and it is the only way your brain communicates with the rest of your vital organs.  Imagine a hose (spine or spinal chord), and imagine water flowing through this hose (energy/nerves). What happens when this hose is kinked? what happens to the water flowing? Your vital organs are not getting the energy they need to function properly and at their best.

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