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New Golf season is here!

Posted Apr 02 2013 9:37am

Congratulations readers, we made it through another winter. I am ready for some warm weather. As I write this, I am reading many golf magazines to learn how not to use my favorite clubs, my hand wedge and foot wedge. My husband will play preferred lies…he prefers the ball to be lying over there. Of course as the season progresses we will get more serious about our game.

Golf is a great sport, fresh air and exercise (as long as you walk) but it is a physically demanding sport as well. As a certified golf fitness instructor, I work with golfers with neck pain, shoulder pain, wrist and back problems. While I am not a pro (see first paragraph), I work with the golfers most important piece of equipment…their body and try to help them maximize their performance. Your pro will work with the other five aspects of the game…basic and advanced lessons, course management, equipment and the mental aspect of the game. And while I don’t like cook book warm up exercises I want to share a few ideas to help you prepare for the upcoming season.

Starting at the bottom, balance is most important in hitting a solid shot. To improve your sense of balance, stand in your bare feet and fix you eyes on a point in front of you. Imagine a bunch of balloons attached to your head pulling you up straight and tall. Lift one foot up slightly and hold it out in front of you. Try to maintain this position for 30 seconds with out putting your foot down or falling. Repeat on the other side. When you can accomplish this, try the same posture with your eyes closed.

Being able to have a good back swing requires many things one of which is to “disconnect” your upper torso from your pelvis. This will allow the proper transfer of power and achieve more distance. To improve this, stand in front of a mirror in a slightly bent forward position. Cross your hands in front of your chest and twist to the right. Keep your belt buckle facing the mirror…don’t let it twist with you. This will require some coordination and practice. Another way of thinking about it is to try to twist your pelvis to the left as your shoulder go to the right. Now you might understand why a lot of professional golfers have low back problems and there are always chiropractors in the trailers at tournaments.

Another exercise to help with power transfer is improving the flexibility in your wrists. Take a short iron and hold it at your side with your right hand. Hold your right elbow close to your side to keep it straight. Raise the club parallel with the floor without bending your elbow. Hold it for a count of 5 and repeat. Do the same with the opposite hand.

Remember your body needs good hydration during the round as well as energy. Bring a power bar with you. If you would like other exercises, it will be important to see where your challenges are. Call my office for more information or visit our website at . Have fun, stay healthy and play well.

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