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Neck Traction Device vs Neck Massager for neck pain relief

Posted Sep 29 2010 11:12am

For severe neck pain you should see professional or medical doctor immediately.

For minor neck pain or sore neck muscle you can get some home therapies.

You can visit a massage therapist to relax your sore muscles. Another option is to buy a neck massager which will save money and time. There so many different Neck massagers in the market. Some come with vibrating and rotating massage heads which loosen the stiffness in the neck and ease neck pain in minutes.

Sometimes, neck massager has infrared heat enhance the healing process.

I have found different neck massager at Body Face Shop

Traditional Neck Tractions and Chisoft Neck Massagers:
Cervical Traction

ChiSoft Cervical Traction - Pro II

A cervical traction unit is also extremely useful when you are suffering from neck pain due to pinched nerve or compressed disc.

The first neck traction model that was introduced in the market is the over-the-door-traction device. It involves weights and messy water bags that have to be suspended from the wall or the back of doors and the traction is applied with the help of a head halter that pressurizes the chin.

The setup is a long process and complicated, also requiring the person to sit on a chair with their back to the door or the wall. This position is every precarious and dangerous as someone might suddenly enter the room or push the door, upsetting the setup and may even cause accidents.

Nowadays, you can find more easy to use neck traction devices. Some will cost several thousand dollers. But I have found an affordable home neck traction device. It's an inflatable neck traction devic.

Inflatable neck traction Device 

This neck traction device utilizes an air pump to inflate the device. Once you have fully inflated the traction device, it will gently stretches those neck muscles giving you a relief. 

You can find more information about this neck traction device at ChiSoft Neck Traction  


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