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Neck Rotation Exercises at Your Desk

Posted May 02 2013 6:31am
Exercise at your desk

Sitting at a desk all day can place stress on the muscles in the neck, causing cramping and stiffness. Performing simple neck rotation exercises offers several benefits that will help you get through the day as well as keep your neck pain free.


·         Keeps blood circulating

·         Maintains flexibility in the neck and shoulders

·         Prevents stiffness

·         Prevents tension headaches


The following exercises can be performed while sitting at your desk. Your co-workers will have no clue you are exercising as you work.


Chin Touch– Bending your head forward and touching your chin to your chest stretches the posterior neck muscles. This stretch also pulls the shoulder muscles as well.


Side to Side– Stretching your neck muscles by turning your head from side to side and holding for a few seconds, increases blood flow to the neck, jaw and brain and lets stress drain away.


Chin to Shoulder– Turning your head and placing your chin on your shoulder would give the impression you are trying to look behind you. This stretches muscles that travel the length of the neck from the top to bottom.


Chin Thrust– A forward chin thrust gives the impression you are trying to look over and in front of your desk. It also stretches and slightly pulls the muscles in the front of the neck increasing blood flow to that region.


Head Rotation– The head rotation is the only exercise that actually looks like an exercise. By rotating the head forward, to the side, to the back, to the other side and then returning it to the front and then reversing, stretches all of the muscles and structures within the neck and improves flexibility.




About the Author

Dr. Michael Berry, D.C. is the Director of Katella Chiropractic and Laser Center, a leading chiropractic wellness center in Orange County California. Katella Chiropractic and Laser Center successfully treats patients with sports injuries, arthritic joints, neuropathic pain syndromes, and back and neck pain using spinal adjustments, chiropractic massages and more. Dr. Michael Berry and his team also use low level laser therapy, which improves tissue repair and reduces pain and inflammation wherever the beam is applied.Google+




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