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Neck Posture Exercises You Can Do Almost Anywhere

Posted Jul 13 2010 6:12am
What's the quickest way to strengthen muscles and make a noticable change in your posture fast...Just like if you were trying to build any muscle in the body, use resistance!

You can do this in many ways. 1st, use a resistance band. 2nd, you can simple use a towel the same way or you can simply press against your own hands. Lock your fingers behind your head and press against them; for extra resistance, press back against your head with your hands also.  Lastly, you can even stand against a wall, pushing your head back against it.  You can even do this exercise while waiting at a red light in their car even. Simply shift your head back to press against the head rest.

Start out 1st doing the head retraction exercises , click on the link for more information on this. You may still experience some neck muscle soreness from the added resistance. This is normal and will be a muscle soreness similar to going to the gym for the 1st time in a couple of months.

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