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Neck Pain That Radiates Into The Arms? You May Have A Cervical Disc Herniation

Posted Jun 02 2009 4:32pm

San Francisco Chiropractor and Spinal Decompression Doctor Comments:

6a00d834525ed169e200e54f5be98c8833-115si[1] Radiating neck pain is a common symptom of a bulging or herniated disc in the neck. Sometimes the pain travels from the neck and into the arms...sometimes all the way into the hands. Sometimes the pain travels down one arm...sometimes both...all cases are different.

The neck, arm, and hand pain will often times come and go...leading you to believe the problem is gone. But when the pain returns it will usually be more intense and the symptoms will last longer.

If a disc bulge in the neck, or a herniated disc in the neck is left uncorrected, the frequency, intensity, and duration can increase to the point where the pain is unbearable...not much fun. 

This is not a good place to be. In fact, you should get yourself down to the chiropractor at the first sign of radiating neck pain...because chances are...the problem has already been there for a while. 

Gentle chiropractic will probably be the solution...but if chiropractic fails to deliver results, an MRI may be indicated. If we order an MRI and find that you have a herniated or bulging disc, we have a next step.... Nonsurgical cervical spinal decompression with the DRX9000c.

The DRX9000c is able to help difficult to treat cervical disc herniations without surgery. Sure, it can' t fix all of them...but the results are very impressive.

Chiropractic and cervical decompression with the DRX9000c...that' s what I would try. In fact, I have personally done cervical decompression for neck and hand pain, so I know first hand how effective it can be...and so can you.

To find out if you are a candidate for care atExecutive Express Chiropracticat the downtown SF Embarcadero 415-392-2225 orrequest an appointment online.  

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