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neck pain that causes my neck and head to twitch to the right. What can cause this? it disappears and reappears.

Posted by Carlo K. Facebook


When i was younger i used to get n pain in the back of my neck that would shoot up to the back of my head and that would couse my neck and head to twitch to the right hand side of my shoulders. I didnt get it alot but it never happend again when i reached my teen years. Now i am 28 and about a weak ago it started happening again. Twice in one weak already. What can couse this? And is it serious enough to seek medical attention?

Answers would be welcome and appreciated.

Thank you.!! 

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The kind of pain that you are experiencing might be due to cervical spondylosis. Neck pain is very common age related problem where the bones of the body slowly disintegrate as we age.This frequently results in arthritis or cervical spondylosis or the degeneraation of the joints in the neck.But at times similar condition is also seen in TICS(Tourette Syndrome).TICS are sudden twitches,movenents or sounds.Only a doctor will be able to give you the right diagnose for this.It would be better that you visit one as soon as possible because if not treated early,it might just flareup into something uncontrolablae.
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