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neck pain & head aches

Posted by michelle r.

i have tightening in the back of my neck and a severe headache behind my eyes.  could this be a migrane, pinched nerve or sinus?
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Yes, it could be any of those three.  When I get a migraine, it is commonly accompanied by pain behind my eyes and eyebrows and terrible neck/back of head pain.  However, you really should see your doctor and explain all your symptoms and when they most likely occur and for how long.  I kept a pain journal before seeing my doctor for the first time, but that isn't required.   Keep track of what time of day, what kind of weather, your stress level, any different foods/drinks, etc on the days you experience this pain - that may also help you and your doctor to find the root cause. 

Hope you are feeling better soon,


The nerves in your neck control all the major functions of your body. When you have neck pain, this is telling you that you have a pinched nerve in your neck
that is causing more serious problems in your body besides the migraine or sinus pain. When you have neck pain, it is best to see a Chiropractor. Chiropractic Dr's are the only Dr that looks for the cause of your neck pain and not covering up the un-solved problem with drugs. The neck is a very important reason to keep healthy as it controls your metabolism, your moods, your thinking, your well being. If you live in WA state, see us at 253-852-1250, we offer a $20 special to get started. If you live in another state, Google a Chiropractor in your state.

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