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Neck Pain – Can Chiropractic Help?

Posted Jan 09 2011 7:45am 1 Comment

Neck pain is something that millions of Americans experience each year, and it can be very debilitating to say the least. There are thousands of people that go on disability insurance every year because of painful neck injuries or conditions, but something that many people who suffer from neck pain don’t understand is that there are treatments that can help lessen their suffering.

Chiropractic care from an experienced, licensed chiropractor can work wonders for neck pain sufferers, and countless people have had positive experiences of lessening pain after just one session of chiropractic care. Chiropractic for neck pain can be a very positive experience and an effective treatment.

In order to properly treat neck pain, it is important to understand the cause. Neck pain can come as a result of a herniated disc, cervical problems, bad posture, stress, heavy lifting, repetitive motion, and many other reasons. A chiropractor will ask questions and perform examinations to properly diagnose the cause behind the neck pain, and can then perform the adjustments or other treatment necessary to help alleviate the neck pain, straighten the alignment of one’s spine, and allow the patient to function properly again.

Sometimes patients experience some or total relief after just one session, but more often it takes a series of treatments in order to feel the full benefits.

Often, a chiropractor will also recommend some type of physical therapy as a complement to their treatment for neck pain. Physical therapy, including strengthening exercises, stretching the muscles, ultrasound treatment, and learning proper posture can greatly help the sufferer, along with chiropractic.

On occasion, chiropractors work side by side with reflexologists and acupuncturists, whose abilities can help sufferers of neck pain feel further relief. These specialists are very important to the health and well-being of long-time sufferers of debilitating pain.

Chiropractic is not often the first thought when someone begins to experience neck pain, but it can be a very important treatment option for those who suffer. Chiropractic adjustments take care of the actual problem behind the neck pain instead of just masking the pain with medication and potentially causing further harm because the patient cannot feel that they’re hurting themselves. Chiropractic care for neck pain is a proven treatment that has provided relief to millions of sufferers, and is an option that many people should seek out whether they have a neck injury, pain due to stress, or discomfort caused by repetitive motion at home or work.

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We had a patient (66-year old) thatwas suffering from chronic neck pain.  Even after seeing many doctors and taking numerous pills, nothing worked.  After a few treatments, he is able to do a full guym workout and riding his bike.  Best of all, he can fly fish again.  <gt;

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