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Posted Sep 12 2010 12:42pm

As you know I started with a new type of pain relief called 'myofascial release' which my pain consultant thought I would benefit from as he felt a lot of my pain is 'myofascial pain'.

They call it a form of soft tissue therapy intended for pain relief, increasing range of motion and balancing the body.

There are now lots of articles online raving on the pain relief using this technique and many more on how you can treat yourself.

In America sufferers are doing 'self myofascial release (foam rolling)' using a lacrosse ball and foam to roll out trigger points.

They say, 'it can help reduce muscle soreness, increase mobility, and prevent problems created by tightness and poor tissue quality like plantar fasciitis, sciatica, and more.

There are youtube videos showing you how to lie on your foam roller to release your tight spine. It's technique is gaining popularity every day and has become very popular among athletes and serious fitness enthusiasts'.

I've had two treatments now and there is no question that it does release the taut muscles which then releases pain, but the pain relief did not lasted long enough for me. I wasn't expecting miracles to happen but I was hoping for longer pain relief.

I'm not going to just give it up and will wait until my therapist thinks I am ready to try and treat myself, but as with many of these type of hands on treatments you must expect it to take time to work.

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