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Posted Apr 03 2012 4:17pm

Never give up

Roll up a towel and place it behind your lower back

Try Yoga

Try and find at least ten minutes in your day to relax and close your eyes and think of nice things

Don't sit for too long, get up and walk about often


Use lavender in your home from your bath to drops on your pillow at bed time. The aroma of lavender reaches your brain and is said to stimulate the production of calmness to help sooth pain

Drink relaxing teas

Use heat pads, hot water bottles, anything to warm your lumber back , it helps to relieve stiffness and pain

Sleep on your side and if possible support your back or put a pillow between your knees. If you sleep on your back then pop a pillow under your knees. Try and avoid sleeping on your stomach

Watch a good film

When you are brushing your teeth rinse with a cup of water, don't bend

Bake from your kitchen table, don't stand

Put your underwear or trousers on lying down

Neve, never, never give up

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