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My Neck Muscles are So Tight...I Cannot Turn My Head very Far without Pain

Posted Dec 25 2008 2:03pm

When your neck feels tight and stiff, you may have a hard time looking at your blind spot while driving. This decrease in range of motion can be quite the pain in the neck! When there are misalignments of the spine it won't be moving like its should. One tell tale sign something is wrong in the spine is immobility. There are seven cervical vertebrae, or in other words bones of the neck spine. All of these bones are joined to te next by a disc between the bodies of the vertebrae and areas called your facet joints. The first two bones ae slightly different in their connection but either way all of them have a cerain degree of motion.

Whens spinal segments are misaligned the do not move like they should. In fact one way a chiropractor detecs misalignments when he/she feels the spine is lack of motion of that area or segment. Aligning your spine and correcting your motion is important if you have neck pain. Using a good cervical support neck pillow is also important to make sure your neck moves the way that it should. Another great solution for tight muscles is to use a deep penetrating gel suc as biofreeze pain relief gel and massage the trigger points in the cervical spine. Read more here: How To Treat Tight Muscles with Biofreeze. Finally, doing gentle neck stretches will prevent tightness in the neck muscles, ensuring that you have good cervical range of motion.

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