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my left arm goes numb off & on throughout the day

Posted by kim756

It started about a month ago. My left arm goes numb for a few minutes, clear into my fingertips. Then it stops, I don't hurt anywhere. what could this be caused from?
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Have you had a cervical mri taken; it sounds like you may have some type of  disc issue because you are getting different sensations in one of your arms. Do you also notice weakness in that arm? If this continues have your Dr Check it out - they may refer you for x-rays or mri's of the c-spine.

may be from cervical disc errors.better you tried homoeopathy.You have to take the medicines  CHAMOMILA -30 1 drops 4 times a day,CHININUM SULPH -6X  one pinch powder or two tablets (as the medicine available) 3 times a day


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