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Muscle Spasm in Back – What Is Your Back Trying to Tell You?

Posted Feb 27 2012 7:53am
“Oh no, not again”, is what goes through your head when the sudden, uncontrolled, wrenching pain in lower back attacks you again, causing you to bend over in pain and lose your breath.  Sometimes you can even get dizzy and disoriented due to the amount of pain. Muscle spasm in back usually lasts for a few minutes, until the muscle “relaxes”.

Many times these spasms are harmless and not related to any underlying problems. But if this happened to you more than a couple of times, do not ignore it; it probably won’t disappear on its own and become worse if left untreated.

  What Did I Do Wrong?

  If you spend most of the day sitting behind a desk, for instance, regularly maintaining a bad posture, a muscle spasm can surprise you doing something as simple as lifting a book. It can “catch you” when you are trying to perfect a new yoga position or just jogging like you do every day. Lifting heavy objects is also a common cause, or supporting a heavy object with your back. A few more common causes are over exerting muscles while exercising, a sudden movement or a fall. The pain from a muscle strain stays only in the relevant area and is sore to the touch.

 How to Immediately Relieve Back Muscle Spasms?

As soon as the pain starts and you are able to move again, apply cold or heat to the muscle. The next step is resting. But just for a few hours. Various studies have found that too much bed rest (more than 2 days) will worsen your condition. When you rest, do not attempt to use the injured muscle in any way.

If you usually suffer from muscle strains that last a few days, you may have a prescription for an anti inflammatory drug. You should know that most of these drugs can be dangerous in long term usage and could cause liver, kidney and heart problems. If you want to know about the 5 most dangerous pain killers – This article lists them and explains why). Why not give a chance to a natural anti inflammatory supplement?

How do You Prevent the Next Back Muscle Spasm?

First, you have to listen to what your body is trying to tell you. Muscle Spasm in Back tells you that something is wrong. The pain should not be ignored and never attempt to “push through” the pain, it will only cause more damage. If you are very physically active, or alternatively not active enough, daily lower back stretches are critical to preventing the next muscle cramp.

 How to Achieve Long Lasting Relief for Lower Back Pain

Stretching is important, but it’s not enough. If you are serious about ending the pain in the lower back, these are the recommended natural treatments that actually work:

Recommended Treatment #1 – Reduce Inflammation

Natural anti inflammatory


When a muscle is torn or over stretched, your body sends Prostaglandins to the injured muscle to cause inflammation. It’s your body’s way of stopping you from using the muscle further. Now it can send the healing components to fix the damaged cells. The first line of these healing agents is called proteolytic enzymes (discovered by Dr. Wolf in 1972). Maybe you have heard of enzyme therapy as a natural treatment for inflammation. If you haven’t, now’s the time to find out – Right Here.

Recommended Treatment #2 – Ice and Heat

 The best way to speed up the healing process is by helping the body deliver the healing components better and faster. In other words, speed up blood circulation. This is what ice and heat therapy does. Apply ice immediately when the muscle spasm in back starts, for 20 minutes. Remove for 20 minutes and re apply the ice for 20 minutes more. Don’t just leave the ice on the muscle, use it to rub and massage the muscle. You can do this up to 72 hours (not all the time of course, as much as you can). If it doesn’t seem to help, try heat therapy, preferably with an infrared heating pad. An ordinary heating pad will not get you the same results as a heating pad that uses infrared lights. Find out why – Right here.

Recommended treatment #3 – Muscle Balance Therapy

If you really want to get lasting relief and long term cure for muscle spasms and cramps in the lower back, you must address the root cause of lower back pain. Except for trauma, muscle imbalances are the reason for most types of back pain. To find out how muscle balances are responsible for your pain, read my #1 article – “ The Hidden Cause of Pain in Lower Back “.

If you are in a hurry or just can’t rean another word, this video is a short and sweet alternative.

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