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Motrin Causes Pain for Moms After Unfair Protrayal in Ad

Posted Nov 18 2008 8:03am

Okay so we all know that being a mother in today’s society is a rewarding experience, but sometimes we can all have challenges- but do want to be portrayed as having pain after carrying our kids around in a sling, on our hips or on our backs ? And can we only be official Moms if we carry our kids around ? Not according to some mothers! Wearing your baby

Johnson and Johnson recently created an online Motrin ad where they portrayed Mothers having neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain as a result of carrying their children around in various ways.

Here are some excerpts from the Motrin Ad: Wearing your baby seems to be in fashion. I mean in theory it’s a great idea…there’s the front baby carrier, the sling, the schwing, the pouch, go hands free ! Supposedly it’s a real bonding experience…. These things put a ton of stress on, your back, your neck, your shoulders…Plus it totally makes me look like an official mom, so if I look tired and crazy, people will understand why….

Motrin is an over the counter pain medication that is used by many to relieve pain in the neck and the lower back.

Perhaps the drug company should have been more sensitive- Many mothers who are consumers were offended by the ad because they stated that it trivialized women's pain and the method of carrying babies.

"It was meant to engender sympathy and appreciation for all that parents do for their kids, but did so through an attempt at humor that missed the mark and many moms found offensive," wrote Kathy Widmer, vice president of marketing, McNeil Consumer Healthcare.

The company pulled the ad from the Motrin Web site and print magazines and apologized on its consumer blog. Probably a wise idea.

Well, Motrin may be one easy way to deal with pain symptoms in the neck and lower back - but there are so many natural pain relief methods available to women without side effects. I want to talk about a few neck pain relief tips, that don’t involve Motrin ! 

  • Neck Stretches can really help to loosen up muscles in the neck and upper back. Neck Exercises specifically stretching will help to increase range of motion and prevent further injury. When you carrying your child in a sling,it can create a forward head posture which puts a lot of pressure on your neck and upper back. Strengthening exercises are important as well to build strong muscles and improve posture.
  • If you do notice pain after carrying your child, use ice on your neck and upper back for about 10-15 minutes- this helps to decrease pain and reduce inflammation. Best of all, it provides a soothing analgesic effect. Don’t forget to wrap your ice pack in a towel before doing this.
  • Sleep on a good cervical pillow at night - it will ensure that your head and neck are properly aligned while sleeping. Sleep is a very important part of our lives- especially when taking care of kids. Sleep is when our body heals and get rejuvenated- so make the most out of it.

Additional Resources:

Visit for your online selection of the Natural Pain Relief Prodcuts for the Neck and Lower Back.

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Source: The Wall Street Journal: - J&J Pulls Online Motrin Ad After Social-Media Backlash
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You Tube Motrin Ad

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