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More Gardening with backpain tips...

Posted Mar 18 2007 12:00am
  • Scented plants are fantastic in raised beds for everyone to enjoy. You can even grow great vegetables in large raised beds and have more control over the environment and soil. Raised beds at waist height mean less work for your back. If you have a small lawn, consider gravelling it or using chamomile or other lawn plants.

  • When you first get back pain your garden can suffer as you deal with the initial pain. If your garden has done its own thing for a while you need to take it in hand. If family or friends cannot help, consider getting a company in to do the hard graft for you then you can concentrate on doing the finishing touches. If you share a garden or have an allotment consider asking if people would swap tasks with you so you do more of some things for them and they do more of say digging for you, it’s worth a try!

  • Consider a series of raised beds with paths in between so you can move easily between them to tend your plants. Don’t make the beds too wide though as you need to comfortably reach them.

  • When gardening with back pain issues warm up first. Do any back care stretches you have been following, go for a short walk and treat it like you are getting ready for some real physical activity …which you are. If it helps you use a heat pad while you are gardening to keep the muscles in your back warm and less prone to injury. After gardening do your back care stretches again and get into a warm bath or shower as soon as you can.

  • Frustrating as it is, do a little, rest, then do a little more. I used to be an all day gardener but now I respect my back and listen to any little aches and pains and stop before it needs to shout at me! Vary the activity so you don’t do repetitive tasks which put a strain on your lower or upper back. So mix it up with a little weeding, trimming, pruning etc. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.

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