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.Lump on Sacrum...

Posted by aliciaplum

I have noticed a lump on my sacrum (about 1-2 inches above end of tailbone) to the left. The right hand side of my sacrum is flat with no bump. It feels about the size of a small marble. It is hard and doesn't move, it makes sit ups and baths etc painful. I'm only 25, not sure what this is. Have a doc appt coming up, but want some peace of mind about it now...I have been pregnant but had a csection so there was no natural delivery. What could this be?
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I have the same thing and can not find an answer. If you get one, please let me know. :-) I will let you know if I ever find out. 



I had the same thing. very painful to start off with but now the ain has subsided. got am MRI done. Doctor said probably hardened fat. Still dont know why it was painful though. the doctor has advised surgery, but not sure if i want to go ahead with it. what did your doctor say?

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