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lump and pain lower right side of my back

Posted by knewman59

I have lower back pain when bending over, walking or sitting. It also keeps me up at night. I went to the doctor and they thought it was a muscle strain.  I went for x-rays but have not got the results back yet. I have been taking a muscle relaxer for the past four days. Not much change.  I then noticed yesterday that I have a small lump on the lower right side of my back. It is sore when it is pressed. What could it be??
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I have the same issue, only on the left side of my back.  I went to visit my doctor today and pointed this lump out to him, and he said it was some sort of a "gnome".  It's basically a nerve that is inflammed.  Apparently everybody has them on one side or the other of the spine.  After hearing this, I was not convinced that this is "something normal", so I had my Dr. order a CT Scan.  This will hopefully answer questions.  Have you had back pain prior to having this lump?  I had a spinal fusion done 2 years ago and I just assumed that this was scarred tissue that won't go away, but it is not.
I also have a lump on my right side of my lower back. As your doc. has told you my doc has told me the same thing, a sprained muscle. I wasn't convinced. Muscle relaxers weren't helping and either were pain killers. The pain went from my back, down to my right butt cheek, and down my right leg. I have went and got a second opinion, but they didn't pay any attention to the lump in my back. They jumped to the conclusion that it has to be a hernated disk in my back. Now, they are done treating me until I get an MRI. They as in Chiro. and Doctor. I am about to go and get a third opinion. My spine has started curving as well with pain in upper and lower back now. I have sharp pains in my left leg and left wrist, which I didn't have before the Chrio. I hope you have figured it out, since I will not know what it is for a while. I forgot to mention I have had this lump for 2 1/2 years and at first it hurt on and off. Now it seems like it doesn't stop.
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