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lower back pain

Posted by iengbersen

I have lower back pain and I am wondering if it is from driving?

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Ma'am, Without trying to sound like a Dr. know-it-all, most lower back pain (in healthy individuals) are from lack of srength and stiffness! If you have no injuries, I would absolutely suggest to strengthen your lower back muscles and to stretch them. If you do not know how or do not have a trainer, feel free to contact me. I can send you some exercises and stretches.


Yes, your back pain could be from driving, especially if you have to commute for long hours every day. Wrong postures practiced over a prolonged period of time can injure joints and be a contributing factor to back pain. I would suggest you cushion your lower back with an extra pillow while driving or adjust your seat so that your back gets the support it needs. You may want to ask your doctor about taking joint supplements that contain glucosamine sulfate, other nutrients and herbs that not only help to strengthen the joints but also provide joint pain relief. Try a scientific-based joint health formula like GoFlex which is doctor-approved.

i get a stabbing pain in my back, it is not often but when it comes its sudden and is strong enough to drop me to the floor, it my come once a month at anytime.

i also have cramps in my hand hand and my fingures go numb


 Low back pain is frequently caused/aggravated by specific postures or positions.  Pain with sitting or driving can increase disc pressure in the lower back.  

To see if your symptoms match the symptoms of a disc, visit this website:

 The link will describe the condition and also give specific recommendations for treatment and exercises. 

Hope this helps.




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