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Lower Back Pain Exercises – Why?

Posted Jul 18 2010 3:22pm

Lower back pain exercises send a shiver down most people’s spines, why? The thought of having to exercise for most is not an enjoyable thought.

But exercise does not necessarily mean exercising. Exercises include the obvious stretches, lifting weights (whether that is body weight, isometric exercise, gym work etc) and aerobic exercise. It also included techniques that will help reduce your pain.

Lower back pain exercises that work best are actually those that remove your pain the fastest and for the longest period of time.

Physical exercises may help, but they are poor at getting the desired results. This doesn’t mean you should NOT use these types of exercises, but you should use them in conjunction with other forms of therapy based exercise.

A combined approach will always work better at achieving your back pain relief goals. If you combine muscle work with joint techniques you will rebalance your spine faster. If you combine Acupressure techniques with stretches you will improve flexibility in days not months.

Combining reflex work to stimulate the nerve and blood supply to your muscles, with physical exercises, you will gain the functional strength to stop back pain now and in the future.

Lower back pain exercises do work, but they are best used with other forms of exercise.

But for now you want a simple exercise that will help ease some pain. There are actually two muscles you can stretch that will ease pain now.

Your Hip Flexor and Hamstrings are the two main muscles that support your lower back and pelvis. Stretching these will help ease the tension on your lower back. So…

standinghamTo stretch your Hamstrings, simply place a foot on a ledge, chair or bench. Make sure both of your feet face forward, and then keep your back straight and gently lean forward. Stop as soon as you feel tension in the hamstring (back of thigh).

A standard stretch will have you hold this position for a minute or more to help improve the flexibility of the muscle. Inside the X-Pain Method you are taught a better way to stretch that will both relax and strengthen the muscle - quicker and a lot faster.

hipflexorFor the Hip Flexor, simply kneel on the ground again with your back straight, place one foot forward with your knee bent. Again keeping your back straight move your pelvis forward until you can feel a stretch in the front of your thigh or deep inside the groin area.

Stretching will help ease back pain, but is a temporary fix. You still need to rebalance the pelvis and lower spinal joints, along with making sure your body learns to remain pain free. A simple 3-step-system is needed to make sure each and every cause is removed.

Lower back pain exercises are an effective tool if used in conjunction with other methods to make sure both the muscles and joints return to balance and your overall health and well-being improves.

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